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At New Heights, teachers and families work as a team.  We maintain open lines of communication between parents and teachers, including regular parent meetings and home visits.  We host regular parent workshops and have an active community spirit, including a variety of engaging social events, such as multicultural night, athletic banquets, and student award ceremonies.


Once a week, families are invited to meet with our Executive Director to discuss important information and updates in the school.  We also host trainings on student information system access.


Coffee and Curriculum is a Saturday morning Parent Teacher Curriculum Committee made of Middle School parents, administrators, and teachers who are looking to get involved in our curriculum. We will meet over coffee (courtesy of NHCSB) and dive into the curriculum, and what we can enhance or modify to best fit the needs of our community and involve more parents in the decision-making process when constructing or selecting curriculum. The purpose is to inform parents on curricular updates and changes, as well as to hear family feedback on current curricula and to involve parents in curriculum decision making. We also want to Inform our teachers on current practices that are working and how we can meet the needs of our community and involve parents in our classrooms to share experiences or expertise with our students.


Twice a year, we open our doors to families to meet teachers, tour the school, and visit classrooms. We also hold Parent-Teacher Conferences twice a year for one-to-one conversations between parents/guardians and teachers. 


At the end of each quarter, we celebrate our scholars’ academic achievements and honor roll. Scholars are awarded a certificate and breakfast and/or gift card. 


Join us for a variety of engaging events to interact with other NHCSB families.  They include multicultural night – where families eat, dance, and engage in hands-on learning about the different cultures that make up our community – and family game night – where families come to NHCSB to have dinner and play board games together.


We see school transitions as an important rite of passage for our students. Our 8th grade Step-Up Ceremony celebrates the transition between middle school and high school. Our High School Graduation celebrates the conferral of a NHCSB high school diploma and Associate’s Degree from Massasoit Community College, or a minimum of 12 college credits.