New Heights Charter School is Massachusetts’ only public school that prepares all its students to earn free, transferable college credits while in high school. Many of our scholars begin taking college courses in 10th grade and all will have the opportunity to graduate with at least 12 college credits from one of our partner schools.


We believe that every student can succeed and thrive with the proper educational preparation and support.  Our rigorous academic model offers a strong focus on literacy and numeracy which is the key to future success in college and beyond.  Our culture empowers every student to value and take responsibility for their personal academic journey.  While all students earn some college credit while in high school more than half of New Heights graduates have earned their  Associate’s Degree and have gone on to further their college education.


We employ an accelerated, challenging curriculum to inspire our scholars to reach their full potential. We balance our curriculum with reading, writing and discourse in all content areas where students are challenged to apply skills to real-world and relevant topics.  We aim to close achievement gaps to provide our scholars the opportunity to excel.


100% of all high school students have Naviance portfolios created with grade appropriate academic and career tasks assigned.
51% of our 2021-22 graduating class earned over 5500 credits, at a savings of over $1.1million. 37% of them were students with high needs.
89% of students report that they want to attend college after leaving high school.

We are committed to remaining faithful to our charter and meeting all expectations.

Our Pathway to Early College Success

  • Focus Grades 6-7Intensive literacy and numeracy development

  • Focus Grades 8-9 – Analytical and critical thinking skill development
  • Focus Grade 10 – Introduction to college level work in a supportive environment
  • Focus Grade 11 – Integrated college and high school curriculum
  • Focus Grade 12 – Independent college coursework with learning supports as

What does Early College look like at NHCSB?

Building Strong Communication and Leadership Skills: 9th Grade students are equipped with effective communication techniques, such as active listening, public speaking, and interpersonal relationship building unlocking their potential and setting them on a path of personal and academic growth.

Pathways to success – Academic Mastery and Major/Career Exploration: 10th Grade students foster a growth mindset by strengthening fundamental skills to successfully complete college-level coursework while exploring their interests, potential majors, and career choices.

Unlocking Potential: Steppingstones to Early College Success: Students on a Dual-Enrollment Pathway are empowered to become active participants in their education to reach their full potential as early college students.

Beyond Boundaries: Academic Advancement: Early College students are encouraged to embrace a sense of independence and responsibility for their learning as full-time college students on a college campus.


New Heights employs an accelerated, challenging and culturally literate curriculum designed to inspire our scholars to reach their full potential.


New Heights currently offers several clubs and we encourage our students to lead by starting clubs that fit student interests.


New Heights currently offers an abundance of athletic opportunities during three different calendar seasons.

2021-22 MassCore Completion Report
graduates planning on attending 4 year college or university
New Heights scholars have the opportunity to take courses at local colleges and earn up to two years of college credit, at no cost to families.
11th and 12th grade Advanced Course Completion (2021-22)