At NHCSB, we expect that all members of our school community will treat each other with civility and respect. It is the policy of the School to provide and maintain a learning environment that is free of bullying, cyberbullying,retaliation, and any other verbal or physical misconduct which disrupts the learning environment or makes it unsafe.

The NHCSB Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan (the “Plan”), set forth below, is in accordance with the Massachusetts laws against bullying and is an integral part of our efforts to promote learning and to prevent behavior that can impede the learning process. The Plan spells out NHCSB’s comprehensive approach to addressing incidents of bullying, cyber-bullying, and retaliation. Pursuant to the Plan, the School will promptly investigate any report of bullying, cyber-bullying, or retaliation. Upon determining that bullying, cyberbullying, or retaliation has occurred, we will immediately take action to stop the behavior and address the safety concerns for any member of the community who has been impacted.

NHCSB recognizes that “certain scholars may be more vulnerable to becoming a target of bullying or harassment based on actual or perceived differentiating characteristics, including race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, socioeconomic status, homelessness, academic status, gender identity or expression, physical appearance, pregnant or parenting status, sexual orientation, mental, physical, developmental or sensory disability or by association with a person who has or is perceived to have 1 or more of these characteristics.”

It is important that the Plan is reviewed by all members of the NHCSB community. The Executive Director, The Associate Principal of Student Affairs and the Deans of Student Affairs are responsible for the implementation and administration of the Plan and any questions or concerns related to the Plan may be referred to any of those individuals.

The School will provide written notice of the Plan to students and parents/guardians annually. The notification to students will be in age-appropriate terms. The Plan is included in the Student Handbooks and the All School Employee Handbook. The Plan is also posted on the NHCSB website. The Plan will be reviewed and updated biennially.

The School will provide annual training on the Plan to faculty and staff. The training at a minimum will include a review of the reporting obligations for all faculty and staff and the procedures that the School will follow in response to a report of bullying, cyberbullying or retaliation.

To read the entire Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan please find it below