New Heights has undergone several facilities updates. In an effort to upgrade our building, we have installed contactless access points, contactless dispensers and fixtures throughout the restrooms, and revamped our hallways and classrooms. We have removed the rugs throughout the building and replaced them with newly tiled floors resulting in a cleaner and brighter school.

Additionally, we’ve focused heavily on ventilation by updating our HVAC system. The updates to our system have increased air flow and circulation throughout the building. Ionizers were also installed into our HVAC system which neutralizes harmfully charged particles such as pollen, dander, and bacteria. Our classrooms are now equipped with added air purifiers that are able to clean the air up to two times every hour.  
Over the last year we’ve also been constructing a new wing to our school. Once complete this new area will feature eight new classrooms and four new offices! It will also feature a 3,000 sq. foot cafeteria and 7,000 sq. foot gymnasium