Vision Statement
Our vision is that students and staff will have ubiquitous access to the tools of technology and the skills to effectively use them for the process of education. We also envision that the school administration will leverage technology to enable the most efficient and effective means of managing the business of schooling.

Mission Statement
With a commitment to teaching and learning, the New Heights Charter School of Brockton strives to nurture the intellectual, social, and personal development of each student and to create a dynamic community of lifelong learners who contribute to the common good and are of service to others. We provide appropriate technology to staff, parents and administration that can help them during in person, virtual or remote learning activities.

Parent and Student Tech Support
Families and students who require technical support should send an email describing the issue to:
We follow up on these requests as quickly as possible to provide families and students the support they need.

Technology Leadership
Leadership and planning for technology within the New Height Charter School of Brockton will primarily come from two sources; the School Administration (ELT) and the Technology Department. The building principals and curriculum directors shall also play a vital role in providing leadership and direction for subject and grade level technology utilization and planning.
The implementation of technology plans and projects is the responsibility of the school administration and the IT Department. The school administration (ELT) and the IT Department should conduct ongoing technology audits as part of the technology planning process.

PowerSchool at New Heights Charter School
New Heights Charter School Brockton utilizes PowerSchool as its secure web-based student information system. The system provides teachers and administrators real-time access to course assignments, classroom rosters, seating plans, student attendance and grading. The system also provides parents and students access to grades, assignments, attendance records and more.
This page has been created as an initial home for your basic login questions as well refer you to various PowerSchool created and NHCSB resources for getting the most out of this system. We will continue to update this page as the district use of PowerSchool evolves to include new systems being introduced to the PowerSchool ecosystem.

PowerSchool Links
PowerSchool Admin Portal
PowerSchool Teacher Portal
PowerSchool Student and Parent Portal

Members of the Technology Department 

Bruna Andrade
Assistant Director of IT

Nicolas Jackson
Educational Data Analyst

Luz Ocasio

Dom Renrick
IT Coordinator

Jorge Vega
Director of IT