NHCSB is the first “wall-to-wall” early college public charter school in Massachusetts.

New Heights is Massachusetts’ only free public school that prepares all its students to earn free, transferable college credits while in high school. Many of our scholars begin taking college courses in 10th grade. All will have the opportunity to graduate from high school with at least 12 college credits. Our goal is that half of our graduates will have earned enough college credits for an Associate’s Degree from our partner school – Massasoit Community College. 

During a recent school year, 95 percent of our 10th graders earned college credit! For FREE! 

We introduce students to the benefits – and demands – of college, and instill the readiness skills necessary for student success. Our scholars receive high-quality academic advising and coaching from a committed, creative team of educators to ensure they are college and career ready:

  • During the 9th or 10th grade, ALL students will complete the Massasoit Community College prerequisite courses in Math and English to ensure students are, in fact, academically prepared to be successful in college courses.
  • During the 10th grade, all students who pass the prerequisite courses will complete two English courses taught by college faculty at New Heights.
  • During the 11th and 12th grade all students who pass the 10th grade courses will attend Massasoit Community College full-time and receive additional support at NHCSB and at Massasoit Community College to complete college homework as well as prepare college portfolios. English Leaners and Special Education staff, in addition to New Heights’ teachers, will travel to the college with students to ensure their success.

New Heights early college scholars have earned thousands of college credits from Massasoit Community College.

What is an early college high school?

Early Colleges are small schools that partner with local colleges. They provide students with an opportunity to graduate high school with a year or more of college credit – or even an Associate’s degree. They allow traditionally underserved students to experience themselves as “college material” from the very beginning.

Early college High School Outcomes.

Students enrolled in early college High Schools are exposed to college culture, rigorous coursework, and high expectations. Here are some interesting statistics:

  • Approximately 90% of early college students graduate high school, compared to national graduation rates of 80%.
  • Early college high school students were significantly more likely to enroll in college than traditional students, and a higher proportion enroll in four-year colleges than traditional students.
  • Early college students were significantly more likely to earn a college degree than comparison students.