Who is NHCSB?


The New Heights Charter School of Brockton community respects and values our students’ Cultural and linguistic diversity.

Visit New Heights Charter School of Brockton at 7:20am when our staff and students are entering the building full of energy or at 4:45pm when the afternoon enrichment activities are starting to end and you will find students who are respected, safe, engaged, and working hard. Our staff is a family, supporting one another to provide an outstanding environment for teaching and learning.  How do we achieve a school culture that is both welcoming AND rigorous?

At New Heights’, staff use the KTECH model which includes Knowing our students better; Trusting our students more; Empowering our students in authentic ways; Connecting our students in meaningful ways; Honoring all students in varied systems of recognition and reward. Together, these five components form the “KTECH” culture that forms the bedrock of NHCSB.In order to achieve our mission to prepare all students for college and to meet the school’s rigorous performance goals, the school’s culture and climate will reinforce the positive values of self-discipline, hard work, responsibility, respect, character, and a sense of belonging.

Key Values

At NHCSB we believe that students benefit from a positive system of reinforcement and encouragement to do better. Staff use the word HEIGHTS to hold students accountable to their behavior. H stands for Honesty; E stands for Empathy; I stands for Ingenuity; G stands for Grit; H stands for Humility; T stands for Teamwork; and S stands for Service. These key values enable NNHCSB students to thrive in our culture, giving back to our school community and practicing the skills they will need to succeed in college and beyond.

What does a typical day at NHCSB look like?

A typical day begins at 7:40am with breakfast in the classroom. Students are grouped into “colleges” which were selected because a member of our staff attended that institution. At 8am the day begins. Students in the middle school, grades 6-8, will take 2 classes in Math, 2 classes in English, a History course, a Science course, and an elective period (typically this includes gym, health, or in the case of 8th graders, this may include a world language).

In the high school, students will begin taking college preparation courses in the 9th grade that will make sure they have all the math, reading and writing skills they need to excel in college. In the 10th grade, students will take two college courses at NHCSB in English and, in the 11th and 12th grade, they will leave the NHCSB campus for part of the week to attend college full-time at Massasoit Community College.

All NHCSB students have the opportunity to earn college credits, some may even earn an Associate’s Degree when they graduate from high school.

Student Culture


NHCSB offers an advisory program that serves as a home-away-from-home to ensure that no child falls behind. The advisor is the liaison between the school and home.  On a weekly basis, the advisor will review student grades, sample classwork, attendance and any disciplinary infractions that may have occurred.  An individual plan will be put in place based on identified  needs and it will be communicated with the family.  The Advisor will continue to monitor students growth and ensure that supports and services are in place to support the child including social emotional wellbeing and academic needs.

Student Recognition Ceremonies:

NHCSB recognizes students based on leadership, academic performance, and demonstration of strong character at weekly, monthly and annual ceremonies.

Student Council:

Each grade at NCHSB is represented by a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and a Public Relations Coordinator. The Student Council advocates on behalf of all students with the administration.

School Retreats:

NHCSB will take students on school retreats throughout the year to team-building activities, college visits, or . Students who attend school retreats must demonstrate NHCSB’s Core Values H.E.I.G.H.T.S.

Student Ambassadors:

NCHSB will represent the school through annual volunteer activities, new student orientation buddies, public presentations, and tutoring support.

After School Enrichment:

NHCSB is home to a vibrant multicultural student body with many different interests. The after school enrichment program is designed to meet these interest through teacher-lead clubs, sports teams (such as basketball or cheerleading) and academic assistance.