Who is NHCSB?

New Heights Welcomes ALL Students

Our Enrollment Reflects the Communities We Serve

The New Heights Charter School of Brockton community respects and values our students’ cultural and linguistic diversity.

New Heights serves more than 600 students in Grades 6-12:

  • Nearly all are Black or Latinx
  • Two-thirds qualify for free school lunch
  • 15% are English learners
  • 10% have special needs

Visit New Heights Charter School of Brockton in the morning when our staff and students are entering the building full of energy, or at the end of the school day when afternoon enrichment activities are starting, and you will find students who are respected, safe, engaged, and working hard. We are a family, supporting one another to provide an enriching environment for teaching and learning.  How do we achieve a school culture that is both welcoming AND rigorous?

Our Key Values

At NHCSB we believe that students benefit from a system of positive reinforcement and encouragement to do better. Staff use the word HEIGHTS to hold students accountable to their behavior. H stands for Honesty; E stands for Empathy; I stands for Ingenuity; G stands for Grit; H stands for Humility; T stands for Teamwork; and S stands for Service. These key values enable New Heights students to thrive in our culture, giving back to our school community and practicing the skills they will need to succeed in college and beyond.