The Evaluation Process

Referral for an Evaluation to Determine Eligibility for Special Education

A parent/guardian or any other person in a caregiver or professional position concerned with a student’s development can make a referral for an evaluation to determine eligibility for special education services. If a parent and/or guardian contacts any NHCSB employee to request services, mentions a disability or previous supports, the Director of Student Services should be notified immediately. The Director of Student Services will follow up with the concern and schedule a meeting or phone conversation with the parent/guardian. If the parent decides to move forward with an evaluation the Director will then review specific assessments that will be completed based upon the area of suspected needs as part of the initial IEP Evaluation process.

If a referral is made in writing NHCSB will respond within five (5) school days by sending a notice to the parent/guardian, seeking permission to conduct an Initial Evaluation to determine if the student is eligible for special education services. If a parent/guardian’s first language is not English (as noted in the home language survey) all correspondence will be translated into their native language.

Initiating a Referral for Special Education Eligibility

School Referral– After the principal/designee determines that all efforts have been made to meet the needs of the student within the general education program and these efforts have not been successful, a student shall be referred by the school personnel for an evaluation to determine eligibility for special education services.

Parent Referral- If a parent/guardian expresses concerns about their child’s progress, the principal or his/her designee of the student’s school shall immediately arrange a meeting with the parent to discuss concerns and offer general education instructional support services. If this meeting results in a request for an evaluation, the Director of Student Services is notified and the referral is processed.

Any person who believes that a student has or may have a disability and requires special education and related services may make a formal request for a special education assessment. This request must be in writing and sent to the Director of Student Services.

Initial Evaluation

Upon signature of signed consent for evaluation the Director of Student Services or Lead Special Education Teacher will notify the Special Education Case Manager and other related service providers to complete testing. A meeting will be scheduled within 45 days from the signed consent to present assessments and determine eligibility for Special Education services.