Special Education Programming

The Special Education Department at New Heights provides a variety of programming to support the success and academic achievement of all learners. Every special education student is assigned a case manager who coordinates services for each grade level (6th-12th), schedules meetings, and regularly communicates with parents/guardians. While it is the goal for all students to receive as much of their education in the general education setting, New Heights also offers services outside of the classroom.

Services delivered in the general education setting are provided by a Special Education Teacher or General Education Teacher dependent upon the service provider stipulated in a student’s Individualized Education Program (“IEP”). The service provider “pushes into” the classroom to provide accommodations, modifications, goal centered learning and specialized instruction. Special Education and General Education teachers regularly collaborate to provide instruction to students.

Services delivered outside of the classroom take place in the Resource Room. The Resource Room offers a small classroom environment with a low teacher to student ratio to maximize learning. Students in the Resource Room take either English Language Arts, Mathematics or both according to their IEPs. All classroom instruction is delivered by a licensed special education teacher.

Translation Services:

New Heights Charter School of Brockton is required to provide translation services for families who speak a language other than English. These services may include interpreters at team meetings, as well as providing translated documents to parent(s)/guardian(s). All special education documentation that is sent to the home is  translated for the family. This would include, for example, N1s, Evaluation Consent Forms, Meeting Invitations, Assessments, and IEPs.

*Please note that through the registration process, parent(s)/guardian(s) are required to complete a Home Language Survey which notes which languages are spoken at home and provides families with the opportunity to request and identify needs for translations.