Special Education

The Special Education Department at New Heights Charter School provides a range of special education services in accordance with state and federal regulations to meet the academic, behavioral and social-emotional needs of all scholars and to prepare them for college and career readiness. While the goal is to educate and support our scholars in the general education classroom, we also provide support for our scholars in our Academic Resource Room. New Heights ensures that classroom environments are safe, welcoming and healthy, which allows for student learning and engagement whether they are in the general education setting or the Academic Resource Room setting.

New Heights provides a variety of services for scholars within the special education department. NHCSB  employs licensed Special Education teachers, both for inclusion support as well as Resource Room teachers. Our Special Education teachers work closely with our scholars in order to provide support in all academic areas, self-advocacy skills, social skills and executive functioning skills. In addition, our Special Education teachers manage student caseloads and maintain strong relationships and open communication with the families of our scholars. NHCSB also employs paraprofessionals who support our scholars either 1:1, small group or whole group, as needed. NHCSB also provides a variety of related services such as: Speech and Language services, Occupational Therapy services and Physical Therapy services through contracted providers.

Additional Resources:

The State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has a document entitled the Students with Disabilities in Charter Schools: Notice of Rights to Access and Equity of Educational Services which is available to you by clicking HERE.

This document explains the educational rights of students with disabilities to attend Massachusetts charter schools and to receive appropriate special education services in those charter schools.

Parent Notice of Procedural Safeguards


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