School Nurse

Welcome New Heights families!

I am Mrs. Rena Gilliam, RN, School Nurse. I began working at New Heights Charter School in June of 2017. I have been delighted to meet many of your children already and am looking forward to building relationships with many more over the course of the 2017-2018 academic year. I encourage parents to stop in before or after school, or call Student Health Services at any time to introduce themselves and their children and get to know Nurse Rena.

As the school nurse, it is my priority to see to it that students are able to learn, by ensuring that they are in their classrooms, healthy and safe. There are times; however, when students should not be in school. Students should not come to school when they have:

  • A fever of 100° or greater in the past 24 hours
  • A communicable disease diagnosis
  • A cold in the active stages – coughing, sneezing, nasal drainage
  • A sore throat and/or swollen neck glands
  • Vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours
  • Acute pain that requires relief by narcotic medication
  • An undiagnosed rash or skin eruption
  • Any eye infection which has not yet been medically treated for at least 24 hours.

You may receive a call from me if your child is too ill to remain in school. Parents should make every effort to pick up children as soon as possible when notified by the school nurse. Because we never know when an emergency will occur, it is important that New Heights has parents’ updated contact information at all times.


New Heights is a peanut-free campus and allergy aware. This means that we ask that you do not send your child with any peanut products to school. We are conscious of the dietary restrictions of those around us with allergies and sensitivities. If your child has any food restrictions, please contact me promptly to discuss.

If your child needs medication in school

Whenever possible, please administer your child’s medication AT HOME.

Remember that the school nurse is responsible for administering all medications (over the counter as well as prescription) at school. If your child needs to have a medication at school, please do not allow your child to carry the medication. The medication must be brought to school by an adult in a pharmacy labeled or manufacturer labeled container.

If your child needs to take any prescription medication in school you must:

  1. Download the Physical Medication Form here:  Physician Medication Authorization Form.
  2. Have your child’s physician fill out the form above OR write a doctor’s order.
  3. Download the Parent Medication Consent Form hereParent Medication Consent Form, fill it out and sign it.
  4. Bring the signed doctor’s order, Parent Medication Consent Form, and the medication to school. The medication must be in a labeled prescription bottle.
  5. Please review our NHCSB_WellnessPolicy_2017.

If your child needs to take any Ibuprofen (Motrin) while in school please obtain a doctor’s order and follow the steps above. Ibuprofen must be sealed in its original container.

In order for the school nurse to administer other over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, Caladryl, Benadryl, antibiotic ointment, Epi-pen, or cough drops, parents must:

  1. Download the Over the Counter Medication Form here: Over The Counter Medication Form fill it out and sign it.
  2. Bring, fax, mail, or e-mail the form to Student Health Services. Please note, a new form is needed each school year.

When you should call the School Nurse

  • Whenever any new medication is prescribed for your child
  • In the event of a new medical diagnosis
  • Upon treatment for serious injury, illness or hospitalization
  • In follow up to any orthopedic procedures including casts, slings, sprains
  • With any concerns regarding your child’s health
Physical Exams

All newly enrolled students, as well as entering 7th and 10th grade students must have a physical exam within 30 days of starting school.


Special note for 7th Grade Students All students entering the 7th grade must have 2 doses of varicella vaccine and 1 dose of Tdap vaccine (Tetanus/ Diptheria/Pertussis) PRIOR to returning to school.

As required by state regulations 102 CMR 7.07 and 105 CMR 220.00 the Massachusetts Department of Public Health established immunization requirements for attendance in public school. PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT EXCLUSION FROM SCHOOL WILL RESULT IF THESE REQUIREMENTS ARE NOT MET.