School Lunch

School Lunch is an important part of your child’s day.

New Heights provides students with healthy food options that will feed their brains and give them energy to get through the day! If you are sending your child to school with food, please send all items with them in the morning. To minimize disruptions during the school day we ask that families do not bring in lunch for their child during the school day.

New Heights Charter School Nutrition Public Release

Eligibility criteria for the free and reduced price meals are embedded in the meal application and instructions and available by linking to… to see the entire chart. If families qualify for the Virtual Gateway,  those benefits to all children within the household. Please contact us with this information when you are informed that one or more children in the household have been determined eligible.


6/17       Breakfast: Cheerios with Animal Crackers and Pineapple Juice

Hot: Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Cold: Turkey & Cheese Sandwich

Veg: Corn and Tomato Salad                        Fruit and Milk


6/18       Breakfast: Cheddar Cheese & Omelet Gordita with Fruit

Hot: Domino’s Cheese Pizza with Honey Wheat Crackers

Veg: Salad Bar                                                    Fruit and Milk


6/19       Breakfast: Southwest Chicken Chorizo Cheese Bagel with Orange Juice

Hot: Flame-Broiled Beef Cheeseburger

Cold: BBQ Chicken Wrap

Veg: Baby Carrots                                            Fruit and Milk


6/20       French Toast, Turkey Sausage & Egg with Fruit

Hot: Chicken Bites

Cold: Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap

Veg: Salad Bar                                                    Fruit and Milk


6/21       Breakfast: Turkey, Egg, & Cheese Breakfast Muffin with Pineapple Juice

Hot: Spicy Popcorn Chicken Sandwich

Cold: Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Veg: Broccoli Florets                                       Fruit and Milk