Resources and Documents

The following documents are available for download:

Report Cards:

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education issues a “Report Card” for every district in the Commonwealth to share data about the school and our academic model.

2018-19 – Not yet available

2017-18: Please follow this link to see New Height’s school report card.

2016-17: Please follow this link to see New Height’s school report card.

Annual Report:

The NHCSB Annual Report is available for download:

NHCSB Annual Report 2018 

NHCSB Annual Report 2017


New 2018-2019 Student/Family Handbooks are available:

Middle School Handbook: Middle School Handbook 2018-19

High School Handbook: High School Handbook 2018-19

Uniform Guidelines & Policy:


Approved Dress:

  • Shirts:  White, Maroon, Navy or Black (all with the NHCSB logo)
    • Polo’s (Short or Long Sleeve)
    • Oxford Shirts – White only (short or long sleeve)
    • Tee shirts (See below in the Optional dress section)
  • Bottoms:
    • Navy or Tan khaki pants (no cargo)
    • Tan khaki knee length shorts (boys and girls)
    • Tan khaki knee length skirt jumper
    • Tan khaki knee length skirt
  • Outerwear:  Black, White, Maroon, or Navy (all with the NHCSB Logo.)   

(A NHCSB collared shirt must be worn under all outwear.)

      • NHCSB Cardigan
      • NHCSB V-Neck Sweater
      • NHCSB Sweater Vest
      • NHCSB Non-Hooded Sweatshirts
      • NHCSB Fleece – Maroon only
  • Shoes:
    • Any colored closed-toed shoes or sneakers may be worn.  (Shoelaces should be tied)
    • Boots may be worn during inclement weather
  • Socks:  White, Navy, Black, or Maroon
    • Tights
    • Knee high socks

Approved Optional Items:

  • Tie/Bow Tie:  Solid Black, Navy or Maroon
  • Belts: Solid black or brown
  • Sport Jacket:  Solid Black, Navy, or Khaki
  • NHCSB Tee Shirts  (on school-wide dress down days and spirit fridays only)

Not Allowed:

  • Hooded sweatshirts are not allowed
  • Pants and skirts must always be worn at the waist
  • Pants should not have rips or holes
  • Cargo pants, sweatpants, jeggings, leggings, yoga pants, and joggers are not allowed
  • NO PE clothing
  • Sunglasses, brushes, and picks must be away between am and pm advisory
  • No hats, bandanas, sleep caps, shower caps, or wave caps
  • No blankets
  • No sandals or slides


Approved Dress:

    • Shirts:  White, Maroon, Navy or Black with the NHCSB logo.
      • Polo’s (Short or Long Sleeve)
      • Oxford Shirts – White only (long sleeve)
      • NHCSB Tee Shirts (It does not have to have a collar, but it must have the NHCSB Logo on the front)
      • Club and Athletic Tee Shirts (Student Council)
    • Outerwear:  All with the NHCSB Logo.  
      • Black Cardigan
      • Black V-Neck Sweater
      • NHCSB Fleece jacket – Black or Maroon
      • Hooded Sweatshirts – must have NHCSB logo (Hoods are NOT to be worn on top of head while inside the building)
      • New Heights Honor Roll Jackets and Sweaters
    • Bottoms:
      • Pants:  Khaki, Black, or Navy blue pants/dockers  (NO Jeans)
      • Skirts: Khaki, Black or Navy blue – Knee length skirts
      • Shorts: Khaki, Black or Navy blue – Knee length
    • Physical Education: Black, Navy or Maroon
  • NOTE:  Time will be given for students to change, PE clothing is not to be worn to school
      • Sweatpants
      • Mesh Shorts
    • Tights:  (Permitted to be worn underneath and in addition to a skirt)
      • Black or Navy
  • Shoes:
    • Professional Brown or Black shoes
    • Sneakers (any color)
    • Timbs
    • Flats
    • Boots (NO knee high boots)
    • Sperry’s / Boat shoes

Parent Group:

All families are welcome to attend for an informal question and answer session with members from the New Heights Leadership Team. We strongly suggest that students do not attend this event due to the nature and importance of the content covered. We look forward to seeing you soon and further strengthening our partnerships with families for the upcoming school year.

Bus Schedules:

Below you will find the bus schedules for Randolph and Brockton and Taunton.

Nurse Announcements:

Please visit Nurse Gilliam’s page, School Nurse, to download required medical forms.

Weather Alert:

NHCSB will follow Brockton Public Schools for school closings and delays