2017-2018 PTO 

Executive Committee - Parent Teacher Organization 2017-18

  • Oluranti Mcclaine - President

    As the inaugural President of the New Heights Charter School of Brockton PTO, Oluranti is dedicated to bringing a voice for the parents and families of New Heights. Says Oluarnti, “The PTO is a great opportunity to make sure parents are in the loop and how much potential the school has to not only educate children but also build a solid foundation for them. The PTO will work to ensure that we meet the full spectrum of students’ needs making sure that learning is exciting. We will help the school to foster an atmosphere of enjoyment and creative exploration of learning. And we will make sure that parents and families are connected and informed.” Oluaranti’s daughter, Emma, is a member of the sixth grade class.

  • Uwa Ogbebor ​- Vice President
    Uwa is a parent of two outstanding students at New Heights Charter School. Ruth Osagie 8th grade (She was honored to be the Vice President of the 8th grade class, now the President of the 8th grade class), and Elijah Osagie 7th grade. Uwa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education. Her work experience since graduation has included teaching, working with troubled kids, working as a liaison between the hospitals and insurance companies, and for the past 12 years as a Chief Operating Officer of a company. In addition, Uwa has volunteered with the PTOs of her children’s prior schools. Uwa is passionate about fostering an environment for great quality education (both of her parents were school principals, so education runs in her blood). Uwa says, “I bring to this position great leadership, customer relations, communication skills and a seasoned educational background and experience. My drive is in the enthusiasm , desire, and determination I have to see the New Heights Charter School of Brockton succeed. Every child has a powerful well of great potential and intelligence pre-programmed into them before birth, just waiting to flow out and bloom. No child is unteachable, if taught early, in the right environment, by the right teachers and administrators, in the right dedicated school. Given the opportunity, most kids are capable of making it to Ivy league Universities. My motto working as a member of the PTO at the New Heights Charter School Brockton will be, Whatever it takes, by God’s Grace, I will work hard to make it happen.”
  • Isabel Pires - Secretary

    Isabel is a proud New Heights parent to her son Jeremiah, who is in the seventh grade.  She holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice and serves as a mental health case manager for adults with severe mental health in the community throughout community. Although passionate about education and serving others, this is the first time that Isabel’s schedule allows her to be involved at this level and she is looking forward to the experience to provide a voice to parents and families.
    Isabel shared her vision for PTO as a place for parents and families to communicate their ideas to the administration.  “I have some ideas about how to make our children’s school better and easier such as keeping the kids involved in activities that happen in school.”

  • Solange Monteiro - Treasurer

    Solange was born and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts where she also currently live with my two sons, Anthony (12) and Maddox (10). Solange attended Brockton Public Schools and went on to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a double concentration in Finance and Management from UMass Lowell. She is currently re-enrolled at UMass Lowell seeking a M.S. degree in Accountancy. Solange is employed at Massasoit Community College, where she works as a Staff Assistant for the Title III Project STARS grant focused on strengthening teaching and advising at the college for the improved retention of students. Upon learning about the innovative Early College model New Heights had to offer, I soon became an advocate for their presence in Brockton and added my oldest son to the lottery. He started the 7th grade in the fall and is the BSU cohort. In her own words, “I have witnessed the adversity NHCSB has endured and would like to give back to the school, staff, and more importantly, students in a meaningful way. I believe my education and skill set will help the PTO grow fiscally in a responsible and productive manner.”

  • Shandra Haynes - Events Planner

    Shandra moved to Brockton over 12 years ago as a single mom of two young daughters. Eight years ago she added another daughter to the family as well as found and married the love of her life. She is a passionate advocate of  the motto “No child left behind” and she holds a Bachelors Degree of Science from Eastern Nazarene College.
    Shandra is a proud NHCSB parent to Makhayla Andrews an 8th grade and member of what will become the first graduating class of NHCSB. Shandra believes that it is important that parents and families are present in their kids’ school.   She believes that parent involvement also helps to keep the kids accountable to themselves as well as their schoolwork. Shandra said, about parent involvement in the PTO, that it sends a clear message to students, “Parents are here and involved, too. It is very important to be present and involved.” She is excited to work with a new school with so much to offer and eager to support and back-up the good work happening at New Heights.  Shandra’s vision for the first PTO at NHCSB is, “To be a voice and a bridge between the students, teachers, and parents.”

PTO Announcements

Attention New Heights Parents here are a few important updates from the PTO:

Chocolate Fundraiser– thank you to all who participated in the chocolate fundraiser.  Please note that all money is due by Friday, March 1st, 2018.  If you have not submitted your payment please do so immediately.

Family Skate Night– join us at the Carousel Skating Rink in Whitman on Monday, March 5th from 6-8pm for a fun night of skating.  Admission is just $5 and skate rental is $3 (or you can bring your own skates).  This event is for New Heights families, friends, and staff.  There will be raffles and prizes. Come out and have fun.

Box Tops 4 Education– the deadline is quickly approaching for our school to earn cash by submitting Box Tops to General Mills.  If you have Box Tops please send them to the school no later than February 27th, 2018.  Each Box Top is worth 10 cents and the more we collect the more we earn for the school.

If you have any questions about any of the upcoming events or want to know how to support the PTO, please contact Oluranti McClaine at omcclaine@nhcsb.org