English Language Education

Mission Statement

The mission of the English Language Education (ELE) Program at New Heights Charter School of Brockton is to ensure all of our English learners (ELs) are provided the opportunity to participate meaningfully in our general education program, gain social and academic English proficiency, and develop essential skills and habits that promote lifelong learning and college and career readiness, all while simultaneously affirming our students’ identity, language, and culture. 

In order to achieve our mission, ELs are taught in a general education setting by SEI certified core content teachers who have been trained to shelter instruction in a way that makes core content accessible to our ELs. Additionally, ELs receive specialized ESL instruction that is designed to advance English language proficiency in all four language domains: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Our curriculum is culturally and linguistically responsive and aligned to WIDA English Language Development Standards and core content area state standards, which empowers ELs to develop the language and skills necessary to attain English proficiency, access core content, develop cross-cultural understanding, and a positive self-image. We draw upon our ELs’ wealth of linguistic and cultural background knowledge in order to validate our ELs’ own experiences and backgrounds and propel their learning forward. Finally, teachers receive ongoing professional development, including weekly coaching and observation cycles in order to prepare them to effectively teach language through content in a linguistically and culturally responsive environment.

Vision Statement

The ELE Program at New Heights Charter School of Brockton envisions a school community where all ELs go to college and all ELs are prepared to be active, responsible, and successful citizens in our culturally and linguistically diverse school community, as well as in our diverse local and global communities. Our school community respects and celebrates our ELs cultural and linguistic diversity. The New Heights Charter School of Brockton community affirms and values our ELs’ cultural and linguistic diversity, as well as their unique perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. There is a collective responsibility to engage with EL students and their families in a way that is both culturally and linguistically responsive. The NHCSB school community promotes the benefits of being bilingual and encourages all New Heights scholars to attain bilingualism.

Additional Resources:

English Learner Parent Advisory Council: Parents and/or guardians will have the option of joining our English Learner Parent Advisory Council. Participation is voluntary. Any parents/guardians who are interested in joining should contact the Dean of ELE, Shana Silva by emailing ssilva@nhcsb.org

The State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has a document entitled the English Language Learners in Charter Schools: Notice of Rights to Access and Equity of Educational Services which is available to you by clicking HERE

This document explains the rights of children who are English language learners to attend and receive language support and other services in Massachusetts public charter schools.

The English Language Services Department also has a handbook, which you can access HERE.