New Heights Curriculum

We Challenge Our Students to Reach New Heights!

New Heights students come from difficult backgrounds and tough neighborhoods from several low-income communities south of Boston. 

We focus on their future potential, not dwell on their past challenges. 

New Heights employs an accelerated, challenging curriculum to inspire our students to reach their full potential. We aim to close achievement gaps that rob children of the futures they deserve.

We take a comprehensive approach to the needs of all learners, including English Learners and students with special needs. We offer social emotional support, high-quality academic advising, coaching, and mentoring from a committed, creative team of educators.

We focus on gaps in learning and troublesome transitions between middle school,high school, and college. Our Summer Bridge program, for students transitioning from 8th to 9th grade, is located on both the New Heights campus (3 weeks) and the Massasoit Community College campus (1 week), and presents students with time to focus on academic skill building as well as college preparation. During Summer Bridge, students begin developing individual learning plans that set personal and professional goals and develop strategies to achieve them.

The foundation of our curriculum is our Early College Model that prepares students for college level work in high school. Our students are taught to see themselves as “college material” the minute they step into New Heights. Throughout the day, students and staff incorporate college success strategies into classroom expectations. Students begin their college portfolio in 9th grade. New Heights students have the chance to take courses at local colleges and earn up to two years college credit, at no cost to families

Our Days are Rigorous and Inspiring!

A typical day at New Heights starts at 7:55 am. Middle schoolers take two classes in Math and English, History and Science courses, and electives (gym, health, or world languages). In 9th grade, they take college prep courses to develop college-ready skills. In 10th grade, students who are ready can take two college-level courses in English. In 11th and 12 grade, eligible students will leave the New Heights campus for part of the week to attend college full-time at Massasoit Community College.

After School Enrichment

New Heights is home to a vibrant multicultural student body with many different interests. The after school enrichment program is designed to meet these interests through teacher-led clubs, including Student Council, sports teams, and academic assistance.