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Student Work

Reach for the Stars

By Shary-Lynn Fleurgin

This school is amazing! New Heights gives you college credits, so you can’t waste time! This school can be hard, it can be difficult, but it is worth it because it helps you get good grades and become be your best self.

The most important thing is that when you go to class you are the best scholar you can be and you never give up. What is most important is that you are learning.

This school is the best because it gets you college credits and the teachers push you to achieve your goals. I am learning to be a leader here. People care about me here, which makes it easier for me to overcome challenging times. For example, teachers and administration at this school like Ms. Silva, Mr. Cunningham, Ms. Tracey, and Mr. Kanupp will always push you to meet your goals.

What is most important is that you are learning new things each day and pushing yourself to graduate and become a good person in the future. New Heights has pushed me in many ways to become a successful student.